Faith Carpenter


Eyewear Brand

This questionnaire was designed so we fully understand the project and can provide you an accurate budget and results. There are no good or bad answers, but answering while being concise and honest is what helps us do our job better.

He/she should be the only responsible for giving feedback and approving any decision, regarding information, design or otherwise.
What's the project about? the concept behind or anything that helps us have a better grasp on the project.
Short and long-term
The more details the better.
For example: stationery, brand applications such as: packaging & containers, labels, promotional items, etc. Communication tools such as: brochures, website, intervention of space such as signs, etc. , interior design, signage, brand manual, etc.
Is there one or several value propositions?
Please talk about the personality of the brand; style, tone, feelings, etc.
Besides attributes and feelings, you could also mention brands that you don't want to be compared to or branding styles that wouldn't work and why.
Any restriction or guideline
The most basic example could be "Eyewear", etc.." or maybe it should be a short slogan. If there isn't a specific suggestion we would recommend what we think is best, though advice from you is very useful.
If there are any, please describe them and explain why.
If yes, which and why.
Age, gender, civil status, socio-economic level, lifestyle, interests, etc.
They could be either direct (national) or indirect (international/similar offerings) competitors.
It could be in the same line of business or not at all; it could be the logo, brand applications, messaging, etc.

If there are visual references, please send them to after completing the questionnaire.